About Smile Event Productions

11666065 967145329973406 6508938772687025702 nSmile Event Productions is an event production company located in Logan, Utah that specializes in the production of concert and music festival events. Smile Event Productions was formed in 2014 by Jason and Kandis Christensen to promote a music festival in their hometown of Mendon, Utah. Smile Event Productions is now producing up to 10 concert events per month and producing two music festivals in Northern Utah.

Smile Event Productions is dedicated to creating a stunning environment and deep sense of community with great music at the core of all our productions. We often use the power of music to gather the masses and get them involved with the many community organizations that are working hard to improve our environment and community.

Smile Event Productions is dedicated to the artists that perform for us. We strive to provide a professional and welcoming environment so that the artists can shine. We want to make sure that all the artist that play for Smile Event Productions want to play for us again and again.

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